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In May 2017, Peterson began The psychological significance of the Biblical stories, a series of live theatre lectures, also published as podcasts, in which he analyzes archetypal narratives in Genesis as patterns of behavior ostensibly vital for personal, social and cultural stability. In March 2019, Peterson had his invitation of a visiting fellowship at Cambridge University rescinded. He had previously said that the fellowship would give him "the opportunity to talk to religious experts of all types for a couple of months". A spokesperson for the University said that there was "no place" for anyone who could not uphold the "inclusive environment" of the university. The Cambridge student union released a statement saying they were "relieved" to hear of the withdrawal of the invitation as they saw it as "a politcal act to . . . legitimise figures such as Peterson" and that Peterson's "work and views are not representative of the student body". Peterson called the decision a "deeply unfortunate . . . error of judgement" and expressed regret that the Divinity Faculty had submitted to an "ill-informed, ignorant and ideologically-addled mob".