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Klinsmann was an important part of the West German team during the 1990 FIFA World Cup. After qualifying for the round of 16, Germany was to play the Netherlands, against which they lost two years earlier in Euro 88. It was to be Klinsmann's best international game. After Rudi Völler was sent off in the 22nd minute, Klinsmann was forced to play as a lone striker. He delivered a running and pressure performance with which he occupied the entire Dutch defence, scored the 1–0 opener and was a constant threat. [citation needed] The next day, German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote the following about Klinsmann: "In the last decade, not a single forward of a DFB team has offered such a brilliant, almost perfect performance. "[citation needed] After further victories over Czechoslovakia (1–0) and England (1–1 after extra time, 4–3 on penalties), he became a world champion after beating Argentina 1–0 in the final. Klinsmann is remembered for being fouled by the Argentinian Pedro Monzón, who was subsequently sent off, reducing Argentina to ten men. Many critics called the incident a prime example of Klinsmann's diving, a claim he contradicted. In an interview in 2004, he noted that the foul left a 15-cm gash on his shin.