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Two-year-old Gage is run over by a speeding truck in a horrible accident several months later. Overcome with despair, Louis considers bringing his son back to life with the help of the burial ground. Jud, guessing what Louis is planning, attempts to dissuade him by telling him the gruesome story of the last person who was resurrected by the burial ground, Timmy Baterman. Baterman died while coming home from World War II. His father Bill buried Timmy in that cemetery. Timmy came back as a malevolent zombie, terrorizing the townsfolk, before the men of the town realized that they must kill him again for good. Jud, along with three of his friends, later went to the Baterman home to kill Timmy, only for him to taunt the men with indiscretions from their personal lives that Timmy had no way of knowing. Jud and the men quickly fled in horror while the mentally unstable Bill killed Timmy and burned their home down, killing himself. Jud states that he believes that whatever came back was not Timmy, but a "daemon" that had possessed his corpse. He then concludes that "Sometimes, dead is better" and states that "the place has a power. . . its own evil purpose," and may have caused Gage's death because Jud introduced Louis to it.