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In 1967, Parton released her first album, In The Garden (a gospel project with her sisters, Willadeene and Cassie and mother, Avie Lee). Shortly thereafter, she moved to Washington, DC and began performing at the Hillbilly Heaven club. Later moving to Nashville, she started her own record label, Soul, Country and Blues, in 1975 and released her debut solo album, I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight. Its title track was a substantial national hit, climbing into the country Top Ten. [citation needed] The success of "I Want to Hold You in my Dreams Tonight" landed her a major-label deal with Elektra in 1976. Her 1977 duet with Carmol Taylor, "Neon Woman", was somewhat successful, and she scored three Top 20 hits over 1977-1978 with "The Danger of a Stranger", "Four Little Letters", and "Standard Lie Number One"; she had an additional top-40 hit with her sister Dolly's composition "Steady as the Rain" in 1979. [citation needed] She recorded a total of three albums for Elektra through 1979. In 1984, Stella performed a song with Kin Vassey for the soundtrack of the movie Rhinestone, in which Dolly starred.